4th Annual Camp Crucis Cleanup and Cookout

Mark your calendars for Saturday May 6th, 2017. God willing and the creek doesn’t rise, LITERALLY, Camp Crucis will be hosting the fourth annual Camp Crucis Cleanup and Cookout. Last year was a huge success. After the flood, we had nearly 180 people out to help cleanup as we got the camp in tip top shape for the summer. This year will be no different!

We will serve breakfast at 7:30 am (for those of you who make it here that early) and lunch and dinner are provided as well.

We will have an emphasis on painting, tree pruning and some small construction

Items to bring: rakes, hoes, shovels, chainsaws, pruners, pump up sprayers, drills/ screw gun, hammers.

 If you have any t-post drivers, bring those as well.

 I will continue to send out updates as we get closer to the date, so keep checking the website and facebook.

If you have any questions, call the camp office at 817-573-3343

I look forward to seeing you all again this year!


Philip Craig

Executive Director

Camp Crucis

Camp Crucis cleanup Flyer 2017

Summer Camp Preview at Camp Crucis

Camp Preview/VCC Training:
Feb 25th-26th/Feb 24th-26th
: A two night VCC training (ages 15+) will be at Camp Crucis February 24th-26th starting at 7pm Friday night. On Saturday morning the one night Camp Preview (grades 1st-8th and parents (optional)) will begin. The activities and schedule will be similar to those of a camp session. The camp preview starts at 8:30-9:30 am Saturday ends at 9:30 am on Sunday, or earlier if necessary, to allow for enough time to attend your home church service. E-mail mmr392@gmail.com  if you plan on attending the weekend.