Shroud of Turin Lecture

Shroud of Turin Lecture

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The Shroud of Turin is arguably the most important artifact of Christianity, or indeed all religions. Without the resurrection, Christianity would not be what it is or has been for two thousand years. Of all the miracles performed by Jesus, the most important one, His resurrection, was not witnessed first-hand by anyone. With the Shroud being the primary burial cloth, it holds amazing details of His crucifixion as well as his resurrection.
Please join us for a deep dive into the compelling history and scientific inquiry of the Holy Shroud of Turin on Sunday evening, February 11, 2018. We are honored to hear from a noted Shroud scholar, Dr. Cheryl H. White, as she explains the history and most recent findings of the Shroud. We will have two separate lectures, first on the history and then on the scientific inquiries, separated by a break which will include time for discussion along with light food and refreshments.
See you there for an inspiring update!


One thought on “Shroud of Turin Lecture

  1. Hope to see a lot of clergy there for an authoritative look at the evidence of the resurrection which God left behind.

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