p1616882925-4According to the Red Cross, the ongoing flooding in Louisiana is the worst natural disaster to hit the United States since Superstorm Sandy four years ago. More than 30,000 people in Southern Louisiana have been rescued since heavy rains led to massive flooding in August 2016.

Our brothers and sisters in Louisiana need your help! According to reports on the ground (care of the Diocese of the Western Gulf Coast), the flooding has increasingly gotten worse even though the rain has stopped. In some areas, the water has continued to rise.

Several families of the Holy Cross faith community in Baton Rouge now have homes that are flooded. This includes Canon Ernie Saik, who has six feet of water in his home! Fortunately, most were evacuated. Even so, as Fr. Jarrett Fontenot of Holy Cross Anglican Church in Baton Rouge reported last week, “I have cancelled church tomorrow, as the road to our church is underwater…along with the adjacent interstate. Three of our members experienced flooding in their homes; two have evacuated. Overall, the church folks are good. However, the Greater Baton Rouge area will take awhile to recover.”

Fr. Jim Tomkins of St. Stephen’s Anglican Church in New Orleans writes, “We are about to flood a second time this year. Please keep Allyson and I in your prayers.”

Dean Tommy Lamb of the Diocese of the Western Gulf Coast is coordinating additional relief for the area. Donations will support visiting mission teams aiding in the relief effort, provide temporary housing assistance to those evacuated, help clean up efforts, and support those who are underinsured.

How you can help:ardf-mission-logo

Pray: Join us in praying for the people of Louisiana who were affected by this disaster

Give: If you would like to make a donation to assist, click below to donate online or send a check to:

Anglican Relief & Development Fund
PO Box 645354
Pittsburgh, PA 15264-5354

Please put “Louisiana Flood” in the memo line.



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