The choice is ours

There is nothing in the world that could even be registered in comparison of the Power of the Holy Ghost guided by the Love of the Father and enabled by Jesus. Here is the problem satan and free will. Satan uses the world (nature) to fabricate his lies (he is the master of all lies) and we living in this world are to easily swayed by these lies. God knows and provided us with all necessary weapons to overcome these lies. Originally God gave us stewardship over all, using our given free will we ceded our authority and handed it to satan. Jesus through his death on the cross redeemed us and by his stripes (his precious blood) we are healed. Here again comes ‘free will’Jesus will not force us to take his gifts no matter how great his and The Fathers love is for us. It is impossible for God to go against his promise of free will. To assist us Jesus left with us the Holy Spirit (our red phone line directly to the Father).We are left with a choice (free will) 1. do we want to believe satan and be part of this word? 2. do we forgo the world and turn to the Father so that all we do Will be in the name of Jesus performed by the Holy Spirit to the Glory and Honor of the Father. Two things to consider 1 our lifetime in this world is so short that I doubt that we could even measure it in comparison to eternity. 2. our spiritual lifetime is ETERNAL
The next OSL meeting will be on the 19th of July
Time: 10AM-12Noon
Place: Parish Hall St. Gregory the Great in Mansfield
All are invited
For further information contact
Heinz Liedke Convener
Tel: 817 933 6921


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