OSL Sponsored Teleconference

Please join me!

Next Sunday April 27, 2014
Morning, afternoon or evening depending on where you live

“Thanks to OSL, I’m giving another talk for an hour on a conference phone call that you can easily join in. Just listen or comment if you’d like to”, says Mike Endicott. Wherever you are, it’s a local call! It’s very easy and it’s very cheap! No charge for the conference, only maybe for the phone call. Just pennies!

My Talk title is: Even More on Extreme Discipling

So what’s all that about? There is a deep, half-hidden hunger in a lot of us in church, whatever our Christian experience or our preferred type of ministry. We long for a ministry like Our Lord’s, bang on the nail every time, always acceptable in God’s sight. We’ve tried intercession, spiritual mapping, spiritual warfare and half a dozen other ways of expanding the kingdom, but there is a secret disappointment in our pews with results so far. Are you happy with your ministry as it is, or do you look to become more of an effective and worthy priesthood?

When do I call? Sunday April 27, 2014

Time? 4 PM Eastern time, for those of you who live in North America. (9:00 PM UK time)

How do I do it? Choose your country (or your nearest country) and phone the website on the local number from the list below. Leave out the International Dial Code if it’s your own home country, of course! If you are not listed here you may need to phone your nearest country. Then, when prompted, you dial the actual conference code: 742245 The phone number to call is: United States and Canada (559) 726-1300

Additional Help

Joining the Conference – At the scheduled date and time of the online meeting, dial into the conference line and when prompted enter the access code followed by the pound key. (When I tried to do this it didn’t want the £ key at all, it worked anyway!) Please Note: if you’d rather do this for free then click
http://www.oslregion8.org/online.htm#login Participants will see they have a choice to dial in to the international number, or use the free Flash Phone

See you Sunday?


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