Holy Week booklet for families

Jennifer Snell, the wife of Fr. Micah Snell, has written a lay person’s guide to Holy Week which has been published as part of a growing series of instructive booklets on the church year. Bishop Iker has read and endorsed Jennifer’s work.

Holy Week book coverThe series, “Let Us Keep the Feast,” is available in several formats, including Kindle and PDF. Each book contains ideas for enriching your experience of the season, for you or for your entire family. This is an ideal introduction for new church members or seekers you may know. There are wonderful resources, for Sunday School teachers, avid readers, musicians, and others, too.

Digital editions are just $1.99. Paperback copies are $7.95. (When ordering the print edition, discounts are available for bookstores and for bulk orders. At checkout, use the code “ChurchBulk20” to receive 15% off any order of two copies or more. Use “ChurchBulk21” to receive 25% off when placing an order for 20 copies or more. )

For the cost of a song on iTunes, you can have this helpful aid as we approach the foot of the Cross this week. The second section of the booklet focuses on Easter in the same way, to enrich the season ahead.

Here’s the link: http://www.doulosresources.org/books/books/books/books/LUKTF_Easter.html


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