Activities around the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth


Order of St. Luke happenings in April

12 April: An Hour with Jesus      7PM to 8 PM to be followed by laying on of hands for anyone requesting it.

Location will be Parrish Hall of St Gregory the Great in Mansfield for further information call

Heinz Liedke 817 9336921    email: heinz.liedke@gmail.com

26 April: OSL meeting 10AM to 12 Noon. We will show a DVD by reverend Josh Acton and reverend John Rice about the healing of a Paralytic and the man at the Pool of Bethesda.

Location: The Parrish Hall of St Gregory the Great in Mansfield   for further information please call Heinz Liedke at 817 9336921

email: heinz.liedke@gmail.com



Mike Endicott (The Blind Healer) was commissioned by the Bishop of Wales to establish a healing ministry. He formed the Order of Jacobs Well. Mike is also a chaplain of the Order of St. Luke.

Texas Teaching

by: Mike Endicott

This  May I’m going to Texas to teach on the kingdom of God.

See if you can come!

The kingdom of God is where Christ rules, where his will is done. How much we all need to see it grow!

Can we help? Can we get into partnership with God to see it spread?
Is that asking too much of you and me? Is it asking too much of God?

Come and find out!
This is transformational, life-changing, ordinary people can become extraordinary when working with God in the kingdom.

Check the diary!

Friday, Saturday May 2-3 2014
St John the Divine, Houston, TX

All Reservations and enquiries contacts:

Call: Jackie Collins (713)622-3600,
Or email:


I’ll be doing a day’s teaching on Saturday May 10, 2014
1st Presbyterian church, Pearland, Houston, TX

For all Reservations and enquiries contact:


See you there!


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