The Diocesan Churchwomen again present day retreats during Lent in the Southern, Western and Eastern Deaneries. (Men- you can come as well).

Each is $15, and will begin with Eucharist at 10:00 am, and end by 2:00 p.m.

To register contact Barbara Mills at (817)966-3485 bhmills@charter.net. Or to pay by credit/debit card, contact Julie at (904)625-6684,  juliebcosgrove@gmail.com


March 8th- St. Andrew’s, Breckenridge – Julie Cosgrove  and Barbara Mills will explore how and where we can find God in our everyday life, and look at the amazing ways He whispers comfort to us during tough times.

2013.12.22 Christmas presents to children (3)[3]March 22nd- St Anthony’s, Alvarado with Ralph & Miho Clatworthy, Missionaries to Japan. Come experience a traditional  Japanese Tea, listen to Japanese Christian Music, and learn about their ministry in the secular, Buddhist and Shinto orientated Japanese culture.

April 12th – St Andrew’s, Grand Prairie – Shelly Sorem, author and 4c5684210086ed966fac9244fffaa44adevotional blogger from Grace Anglican in Katy, TX will help us map our Spiritual Journey.  She did this at a recent Anglican women’s retreat near Houston and the women who experienced it said it was one of the most meaningful events they had attended. Click on her name to see her website.


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