Oct. 18 Eucharist for Bishop Iker’s healing

Bishop Keith Ackerman will preside at a Healing Mass at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 18, the feast of St. Luke the Physician, at St. Timothy’s Church, 4201 Mitchell Blvd., in Fort Worth. Everyone is welcome at this service, which is offered with special intentions for Bishop Iker’s recovery. Assisting Bishop Ackerman will be Fr. Ken Dean and members of the Order of St. Luke. If you cannot attend, your prayers at that hour will be appreciated.


ARDF is ready to help after Florence leaves.

Preparation for Hurricane Florence Relief Efforts
As we write this, Hurricane Florence is a category 3 hurricane headed for the coastline of the Carolinas. We anticipate that many communities will experience major flooding, power loss, and damage. We are praying for limited loss of life and that the hurricane will rapidly weaken, contrary to all reports.
You and/or your church may want to help those in our Anglican family who are facing the potential for significant loss due to Florence. You can help by giving directly to the Anglican Relief and Development Fund who will distribute it to dioceses affected by the storm. They, in turn, will prioritize the needs of their communities and distribute donations to those who need it the most. All of this can happen quickly with your help!
You can donate to ARDF by mailing a check (labeled Hurricane Florence) to:
The Anglican Relief and Development Fund
P.O. Box 645354
Pittsburgh, PA 15264-5354
Information, as it becomes available, can be found here and on the ARDF blog. Do not hesitate to reach out directly to the Anglican Relief and Development Fund (christine@ardf.org or 724-251-6045) if you have questions.

The Healing Ministry Of Jesus

Below is the schedule for the newly established Healing Center.

1. Every first Tuesday will be Soaking/ Listening Prayer                6:30 Pm – 7:30 Pm

2. Every third Tuesday we will have prayer teams available for anything you might want to ask Jesus.

3. Every third Saturday we will have our monthly meeting. (For planning, discussion, and training.) We are presently studying Spiritual Warfare (DVD by Josh Acton OSL Director)                                                                                                              10:30 Am – 12 Noon                                                                                                                              Location: St. Vincent Cathedral in Bedford

For further information contact

Michelle Briggs: michellebriggs99@gmail.com                                                Jackie Doss: jackiedoss@live.com                                                                            Heinz Liedke: heinz.liedke@gmail.com

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